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Fund Rural Schools, Reduce Poverty.

Carrie knows that no child deserves to be in poverty, and she is prepared to put an end to poverty in Maryland’s children by providing better access to after school programs, expanding eligibility for free and reduced lunch, and allocating more funding to rural area schools. By addressing these issues through expanded access and eligibility for financial aid, bringing in free programs that already exist, improving transportation options for students that otherwise wouldn’t be able to stay at school late, and addressing childhood poverty our state can get ahead of the curve in keeping these young people on the right path.

Strengthen the Economy.

Carrie is prepared to ensure that all Maryland residents have a liveable wage by increasing protections and resources for employees and small businesses. She is prepared to tackle inflation by addressing the budget to impact everyday citizens, strengthen the local production of goods and services, and reduce financial deficits.

Transparency in Healthcare.

Carrie plans to improve price transparency in all hospitals and local practices in the state, including making them list their routine service fees online and giving upfront answers for cost to all patients. By ensuring prices are transparent, it reduces the ability of hospitals to get away with price-gouging, and allows patients the right to shop around for the best deals.

Protect Democracy.

Carrie supports Ranked Choice Voting and the movement towards it. No one should be made to feel like they are throwing their vote away by supporting their preferred candidate in the voting booth. She also supports many of the changes in the Right to Vote Act, such as enforcing stricter timelines on redistricting map submission, and stronger rulings for best-practice that will not favor any one party.