Carrie Hinton is a Hagerstown resident who believes our community deserves equal representation in state legislation. Carrie's professional background includes local youth based non-profits, youth's fitness and education programs, business management, and financial compliance. Her experience managing teams of hundreds of volunteers and employees has given her the skills needed to make sure every voice is heard and treated fairly, and that no one is left out of decision making.

Carrie knows the struggles our communities face, especially families and children daily, and how our community's voice has been left out time and time again when state legislation is on the table. Our needs here in 2A differ greatly from the needs in other parts of the state, and it is high time our families and their needs were counted in decision making.

Carrie is of the people, for the people, and will continue serving this community both in and out of office.

Carrie is 100% people-powered and funded, taking no corporate PACS or bribes.